Erika & Masa LIVE at Jagaimo House in Tokyo, August 30, 2009

I played in live with Erika as I told you before!

Jagaimo (Potato) House was very nice place and people were so kind!!




We had a lot of fun♪ Thanks a lot to everyone at Jagaimo House and my friend Asako!!

I was forgetting to tell you that we will play again at there on 20th September, join us!

UPD: Я буду загружать видео В Контакте!


'O Sole Mio (My Sun)♪ featuring Ellina LYNN Denisenko (vo)

やあ、みんな! 今年はしょっぱなからウンコな日々が続いてホント、サイテ~だったけど、
Hi, there! I've been in a deep shit from the beginning of this year,

今は何もかもいい感じになってきたぜ~♪ (^_^)v
But now everything's gonna be great :-)

どうしてかって? 友達のエリカが、日本語の勉強のために東京に来てるんだぜ、おーイエ~♪
Guess what? My friend Erika ellina_erika has been living in Tokyo for her Japanese study now, oh yeah~♪

もちろん、一緒に音楽を作ってるさ! まずはみんなが知ってる有名な曲、「オー・ソレ・ミオ」(私の太陽)を演ってみたよ!
Of course, we are recording music! Just for the beginning, we've recorded a very famous song called
'O Sole Mio!

I played all instruments after a long time. The most difficult instrument was egg shaker :-)))

Well, enjoy!

'O Sole Mio (My Sun), featuring Ellina LYNN Denisenko (vo)

Music written by Eduardo di Capua / Original lyrics written by Giovanni Capurro
(Sorry but we don't know who wrote this lovely Russian lyrics, please let me know if you know about it)
Arranged and all instruments played by Masatoshi Sadakane

P.S. We are going to play at the pub named "Jagaimo House" (Potato House) in Tokyo on 30th August.

8月30日(日) JR南武線 矢野口駅前の居酒屋、じゃがいもハウス(稲城市矢野口364-5)にて、ミニライヴを演ることになったよ!


Gundam / ガンダム

Gundam is an old Japanese anime which on TV when I was 16 years old.
Now he's standing at the park by the sea in Tokyo!
I can not tell you how much I was impressed to see him :-)))
I wanna visit there again!! especially in the night!

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甥っ子たち / My nephews

These lovely boys are my younger sister's children.

Aren't we look like brothers?

はいはい、わかってるって、ジョーダンだってば! ((^へ^)v
I know, I know, don't say anything, it's just a joke! :-P

You guys, be strong, be straight, and be gentle...

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My home town / 故郷

Okayama and Hiroshima, I was born and grew up, lived there for 18 years until I came to Tokyo alone.

And I've been back there after 4 years...

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被爆ピアノ / Atomic Bombed Piano

This old piano has survived from the atomic bomb on August 6, 1945 in Hiroshima.

It was bombed at the house located on 1.8km away from the hypocenter of the atomic bomb...

But now, it's been carefully fixed and played in concerts by some pianists who wants people to think about peace...

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For Lena in Heaven / 天国のレーナのために

Lena, a wonderful woman, beloved wife of my old friend Alexey ashumm 
She's passed away on 13th May, though
I don't wanna believe...


Лена - удивительная женщина, любимая жена моего старого друга Алекса.
Она скончалась 13 мая, и я до сих пор не могу поверить в это...

Me, Lena, Nika and Alex at their home in Moscow 2007

In the previous post,
I wrote she was killed by a heartless driver's car.
But I didn't know one thing that the driver was a police man...
This evil driver hit her crossing street,
didn't even stopped at all and just escaped away.
What this guy did is not only took her life, but killed her unborn child as well.
Lena was seven months pregnant...


В предыдущем посте я писал, что она была сбита насмерть бездушным водителем.
Но я не был в курсе одной подробности - этот водитель был милиционером.
Этот злодей, сбив ее в момент, когда оно переходила улицу, скрылся с места аварии, даже не потрудившись остановиться. Он отнял не только ее жизнь, но и жизнь ребенка, которого она носила под сердцем.
Лена была на седьмом месяце беременности...

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Переводчик: Арсений Лебедев


Прощаите... / Farewell...

Прощаи, Кёсиро, мой герой, царь рок...
Прощаи, Лена, друг ты мой...
Прощаи, Мюнгхаузен, Олег Янковский, Великий актер...

Я ничего не могу сказать сейчас. Просто очень грустно...

Farewell, Kiyoshiro, my hero, the king of rock...
Farewell, Lena, my friend...
Farewell, Myunhihauzen, Oleg Yankovsky, the great actor...

I can say nothing for now. I'm just so sad...

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